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I know $5.4 Billion is a bit unbelievable, so how about I show you your piece of the pie!

This Famous 'Super-Consultant', Who Charges $5,000 an Hour is Offering You His Business Secrets at a Daring 99% Off, and He'll Pay You - If You're Not Made a Believer.
But there is a catch (and I think you'll like it)...

Dear Success-Minded Entrepreneur,

Hi, my name is Jay Abraham.  I'm the person the rich and famous come to when they want to turn big names into famous names. But now I'm on the prowl for deserving everyday people with everyday names that have undiscovered ideas and abilities, but have never gotten the chance to be rich or famous... I'm looking for you.

Is That You? If so... let's get started.

You may remember me as the person Anthony Robbins, famous peak performance guru, said, �is able to take almost any person or company and uncover a minimum of $10,000 that they're just sitting on.�

One of my marketing ideas sold more books than any other book in history, besides the Bible, you may know it as Chicken Soup for the Soul series, selling 88 million books to date. Or the person Success Magazine called...

�possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today!�

Sure it's impressive to have these famous millionaires saying this and that about me, but let me tell you what I can do for you.

What I do is straight forward: I Teach people how to Leverage Every Asset They Have and Create Money�.Lots of It. I teach people how to harvest the windfall profit sitting right in front of them.  I teach people how to get everything they can out of all they've got. 

(Just think: you have million-dollar ideas and opportunities right in front of you that you just can't see or don't know how to market.  Would you like to be able to increase your income just by seeing the right opportunities in front of your face or right inside of your head?)

My goal is this: to help you make more money than you have ever realistically imagined earning.

I'm the best paid consultant in America because I like challenges and I get people extraordinary results:

88 Million Books Challenge:

When Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield came to see, they challenged me to help them market a best-selling book. I went one step further I gave them the idea behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul phenomenon. 88 million books later I know why I'm paid what I am. And this is what they said: �We openly credit the fact that Jay gave us the major idea behind our wildly successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series.�

Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year Challenge:

Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year came willing to pay half a million dollars for my services. He raked in more then $25 million worth of extra cash.

Anthony Robbins Challenge:

Tony Robbins wanted a good idea for growing his business and I gave him one suggestion worth over $100,000. He said: �Jay Abraham has identified the limiting patterns in marketing that restrict most business success. He is one of the few people who realize that most industries only seem to know one particular way to market -- even though as many as 50 or more effective and profitable marketing options may actually be available to them. Jay learned how to take success concepts from different industries and combine them to give a powerful advantage to the clients he advises.�

So the point is all the best people come to me and pay top-dollar because I am the recognized best at what I do.  Now I've created a way to be able to take my income-building strategies to the people who need it most�the everyday entrepreneurs of Australia. 

Your Million-Dollar Challenge: You are here reading in this and in a way you're challenging me to increase your income -- and crazy or not I accept your challenge.
�So�What About YOU?!�

Normally, when people want to learn what I know, I charge $5,000 an hour to talk to them privately. Or they pay up to $25,000 to attend my five-day long seminars. That makes me out of reach for most everyday people, but because of the Internet I can offer this $5000 Income-Building Home Study System at less than 99% of the normal retail value, which by the way, I've sold by the boat-load all over the country � just allow me to cover my cost of advertising and processing. 

I truly never thought I would make an offer like this, but by the end of this letter, you'll be very, very glad I did. And you'll be able to take advantage of my Income-Building Home Study System At Absolutely No Risk to You. By the way, I've sold tens of thousands of home study kits for between $2,000 and $5,000.

Now I can tell you all about the success I've had helping people leverage extraordinary financial results, but it probably means more coming from some of the everyday folks who have had the chance to work with me. Listen to what they say, and just think what we could do together:

�Jay's made more money for more people, in more ways than anybody else�

Jay Gives New Business Owner A Jump Start!
"I have specifically applied the techniques to gross over $18,000 in the last two months. This has been an excellent start for me."
Paul Slitz New Business Owner

Got Back $35,000 In Profit In 6 Weeks!
"I used one of your ideas and made $35,000. That very idea will probably bring me in $60,000 more this year for no additional effort.
Mo Anderson, California
I have over 12,000 individual business success stories from around the world!
$10,000 Profit in First Week!
"Jay Abraham handed over the keys to financial security this week. The marketing training has already paid off for me in the first week to the tune of $10,000 cash."
Francis Randall, Honolulu, HI
Publisher Says Jay's Advice Worth More Than His MBA In Marketing!
"I have attended dozens of marketing conventions and seminars, and I have an MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago, one of the three best business schools in the United States. I paid tens of thousands of dollars for this marketing education. But I've learned more from my association with Jay than from all the other books and courses combined."
Lee Euler, Maryland

Here's the deal: I'll send you the best information you can get anywhere for increasing your income dramatically. Because making double, triple your current income you will lead you to help me create a tidal wave of viral marketing, the likes of which have never been seen before in Australia.

If You'll Permit Me, I'll Teach You:

  • How to grow your income, taking the elements of uncertainty and disappointment out of your plans.
  • How to create strategic alliances and joint ventures that bring business to your door automatically.
  • How to win big with the Internet and E-commerce.
  • How to sell products or services to more people, more frequently.
  • How to launch a business secured against loss, setbacks or competitive challenge.
  • How-to experience new freedom from worry and stress.
  • Methods of no risk advertising. (Plus, no risk marketing and no risk selling�No other credible person in the country can teach you this.)
  • A �once in a lifetime� recession-based strategy to pick up valuable marketing assets at pennies on the dollar.
  • A new way to cash in on customer and prospect lists (This approach can make you 10 to 50 times your money in six weeks or less).
  • How to increase your advertising's effectiveness by 2100% .
  • The 34 most lucrative business building strategies for increasing your customers, increasing sales, and increasing your profits.

Further, I'll Tell You How To:

  • Get your marketing resources for free or very little money.
  • Gain complete control over your time and thus your destiny.
  • Effectively and ethically exploit all the �OP�s: Other People's Money, Other People's Brains, Other People's Resources, Other People's Experience, and Other People's Labor�
  • Learn the Art and Science of Joint Ventures, Host/Beneficiaries and Strategic Alliances.
  • Leverage Every Asset You Have - even ones you may not control.

Also, I'd Like To Share Some Totally New and Never Been Taught Before Material!

  • New Internet Marketing Strategies and Tactics� What really works, based on real-world experience. (I've personally grown two clients' Internet marketing efforts to 7 million dollars per year�)
  • Paradoxical Innovation and Optimization Growth Strategies. Hint: You'll want to deploy BOTH strategies with equal vigor.
  • The �Force Multiplier Effect�� (A strategy I borrowed from the military to engineer stunning victories).
  • Understanding, acknowledging and articulating the pain the client feels.
  • Free Internet Information Marketing without having a real product.

Add to this what the Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine, Chase Revel, said: �15 years ago, Jay taught me how to turn underutilized, intangible assets into cash over- night. The first year, I made $100,000 from his advice and have continued to do the same practically every year with every business I own. That means I made over $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me. He's one of the best market conceptualists in the country.�

Then there's Robert Allen, author of Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire who said, �He has contributed many millions of dollars to my bottom line. He has revolutionized advertising and marketing.�

I am quite honored by the kudos from my colleagues and the press, and the enduring friendships I have enjoyed as a result of my efforts in marketing. It has been a constant source of joy, knowing I have helped so many people reach their income dreams. The real question, though, is about you�What will YOU gain from my program? How much will YOU make because of Your decision to work with Me?

I'm going to send you my $5,000 Income-Building Home Study System
for only $97? -- Remember, I'll put 99%, all I ask is 1%!

So Here Is The Catch:

Normally, when people want to learn what I know, I charge $5,000 an hour to talk to them privately.  Or they pay me $25,000 to attend my five-day long seminars.  That makes me out of reach for many everyday entrepreneurs.

Some people think I'm out of my mind for offering the Income-Building Home Study System for such a ridiculously low price, but I know there are everyday entrepreneurs like you who can do a lot from these strategies. However, MY up-side is that once you see the benefits from this information I know you'll come back to me again and again�so with this offer we both win.

You build your income exponentially and then I get your continued business as well as the people you refer to me. So if you'll agree to tell 5 other people to come and buy my materials after I multiply your income, then this campaign has been well, well worth it for me. Together we'll start a viral marketing tidal wave the likes of which have never been seen before in America.

Is It A Deal?

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed with my guidance, I'm going to do something absolutely "unheard of." (Remember - I've accepted the challenge, so I'm willing to do practically anything to help you succeed!)

With Your Permission, I'm Going To Send You An Enormous Package Of Downloadable Training Materials:

"Abraham 101"

Explains my most closely guarded money making secrets. Breaks my methods down into simple action steps you can take immediately.

  • The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to change your results
  • How not to steal from yourself
  • The "Three P's" of Successful People
  • The Infinite Power of Upside Leverage
  • How to acquire funnel vision instead of tunnel vision and what that means for growing your income
  • The 3 ways to grow a business

"Ultimate Market Domination Report"

Teaches how to at very least double your income every 15 months or less... forever!

  • The 12 Competencies and How They Change Everything
  • How to Capitalize on Your Relationships
  • What Strategy Really Means and What It Can Be Worth
  • Where Do I Get the Money to start
  • The Biggest Secret In Doing a Company Turnaround

"Nine Drivers"

Teaches you the fastest, biggest ways to multiply business, increase profits, build massive business wealth with little or no risk, very little time, and suprisingly modest effort.

  • 3 Ways To Change Your Income Strategies Immediately
  • How to Income Your Income Model
  • How to Motivate Your Target Audience to ACT NOW
  • The Opportunities You're Already Paying For But Not Benefiting From
  • How to Get All you Can Out Of Everything You've Got

"Tony Robbins Interview" - An interview of me by Tony Robbins.

Tony spent 9 1/2 private hours grilling and drilling me for his best clients trying to learn my proprietary money making secrets. This is a transcript of what he discovered.

  • How to Get Any Income or Business Going and Growing
  • How to Increase Your Leverage by 200, 400 or 5000 percent
  • Hot to Get 30 Times Better Results From Your Advertising While Spending Less
  • Simple, Easy Strategies For Having Fun Making More Money

"Winning Big With the Internet and E-Commerce"

  • How to Get More Visitors to your Site Now
  • Learn the Secrets to Writing Great Emails
  • Become an Expert on Giving Your Website Visitors Instant Gratification.
  • Learn the Secrets of How the BIG WEB SITES Keep People Coming Back.
  • The Key Factors in Developing a Powerful Web Strategy

  Please remember, this is a limited offer.
Also, if you order by ( ), you'll also get another valuable special report entitled "Power Parthenon" that will teach you how to create real lifelong streams of cash flow.
Plus, I got 354 actual clients to share the best money-making business strategies we worked on together--and to talk you through exact ways you too can apply their success to your existing business or new idea. No one in the world has ever offered to send out 354 highly-detailed, real-life case studies. There are tens of millions of dollars worth of money-making instruction and ideas in these lessons that you can instantly apply.

Here's how to get going:

You get everything for a small one-time registration fee of just $97.

Risk free?... that's right - my whole proposition is entirely risk free - and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Take a look...

Instead of paying me $5,000 an hour for my marketing expertise, you pay $97.  I invest 99% and you invest 1% and if the information isn't worth it I'll refund your money. . . . Does that make sense?

Just think, you're getting a 99% discount and the worst that can happen is you'll get your money back.  This is risk-reversal at its best!

If you don't take action today will you honestly be where you want to be one year from today? Will you honestly be any closer to financial freedom?

It's up to you.  Go ahead, punch the time clock, and keep putting in those 14-hour days at work. Keep hoping that money will magically appear.  OR learn that making money means mastering the science of marketing�learn it all from me, because when it comes to marketing I'm putting my money where my mouth is.  The fact is nobody knows more about this money-building subject, and that means nobody can help you earn more�I'm challenging you to put me to the test. 

Remember, I invest 99% and all I ask of you is 1% trust.

Are you with me?

Only $97

Jay Abraham

P.S.  A year from now, you'll be looking back on this as one of the most profitable decisions you've ever made.  You will be well on your way to building a market dominating business complete with a sense of purpose, deliberateness, and passion.  �The Income-Building System� gives you everything you need to create the financial life you've been putting off.

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